News 2022

Sa 5th November 2022

November sale. Buy for a minimum of € 15,- and you get a glass jewel for free!
You want to order? Call or send an E-mail.
We are open from Tuesday - Saterday from 11:00 - 17:00 hours (Only by appointment).

Sale Stipbox

News 2021

Sa 16th January 2021

New in 2021 is "Stipbox". Allthough new? Already in 2012 we had "Stipglas Surprise" what was very succesfull. Now we introduce "Stipbox". It wil cost 20 Euro and has a value of at least 35 Euro. But its content is a surprise.
You can order a Stipbox for:
- Fusing technique - 2 types [coe 96 or coe 90],
- Torch technique - 2 types [coe 104 or borosilicate],
- Casting or Patê de Verre technique,
- Leaded glass or Tiffany technique.

Give it as a present or just surprise yourself!
You want to order? Call or send an E-mail.

Sale Stipbox

Fr 15th January 2021

This offer still lasts: machine-made clear soda lime glasstubes coe 90in 4 different sizes:
ø12 x 1.0mm € 1,50,
ø16 x 1.2mm € 2,00,
ø22 x 1.5mm € 2,50,
ø26 x 1.5mm € 3,00.
You want to order? Call or send an E-mail.

Soda lime tubes coe 90

News 2018

Fr 27th July 2018

“Peace and Freedom 1918 – fought, dictated, dreamed – 1968”, Waldmuseum Zwiesel (G).
The installation “La Grande Guerre” in its complete form (15m²) will be presented for the first time during the Zwieseler Glastage in the Waldmuseum, Kirchplatz 3 in Zwiesel (G).

More information:

La Grande Guerre

News 2017

Mo 23rd January 2017

New Aquisitions 2016

Glasmuseum Ernsting Stiftung Alter Hof Herding, Coesfeld Lette (G)

Killing Field by JanHein van Stiphout is one of the new aquisitions to the museum collection.
Killing Field

News 2016

Mo 21st March 2016

Clearance Sale - Artista coloured sheet glass

There’s also a special on the last pieces of colored Artista sheet glass: dark purple (3019): € 64,50 dark green (5332): € 57,50 turquoise blue (4264), light green (5056), grass green (5640) and medium brown (6156): € 53,50 Prices including btw per m2; Prices valid as long as the supply lasts.
Clearance sale coloured Artista

Mo 21st March 2016

New workshops in Spring

Hot glass paint, April 9th 2016
Glass blowing - basic skills, May 14th - 15th 2016
Flower Power I, May 28th - 29th 2016
More information: Workshops
Flower Power IGlass blowing basic skills

Fr 18th March 2016

Special offer casting glass

During the exhibition of Roni Horn you get a 5% discount on the entire stock of lead-free casting glass! (Not in combination with other discounts and only as long as the supply lasts.)
Offer casting glass

Fr 18th March 2016

Exhibition Roni Horn at De Pont

You’re perhaps already aware of an exhibition to feast your eyes on at the De Pont Museum on the American artist Roni Horn which runs through May 29th, 2016. Her 10 glass sculptures alone (at around 5000 kg glass per sculpture!) make the trip to Tilburg worth it. Info: De Pont Museum.
The Dragon

Mo 7th March 2016

Workshop The Dragon.

From Friday June 24th till Sunday June 26th 2016 the British artist Julie Anne Denton will come back to Tilburg for the 3-days workshop 'The Dragon'; working with coloured borosilicate glass on an oxygen torch for beginners to advanced.

The DragonThe Dragon

Mo 8th February 2016

Workshop Core Casting.

From July 13th till July 17th 2016 the British artist Max Jaquard will give a workshop Core Casting. More information follows soon.


News 2015

Th 10th September 2015

Updated scedule working days Glass Blowing.

Want to improve your skills in glass blowing? The scedule has been updated. Choose one or more days and have a nice time of practicing glass blowing.

New scedule and registration.

Working days Glass blowingWorking days Glass blowing

We 9th September 2015

'Glasrijk Tubbergen'
An International Glass Event from September 30st till October 4th 2015. 'Structure One' by JanHein van Stiphout will be shown.

More information.


Sa 15th August 2015

Workshop Working with hot glass paint.

November Sa 21st 2015.

More information and registration.


Sa 15th August 2015

Workshop Glass Beadmaking - An introduction to working with hot glass.

November Sa 14th and Su 15th 2015.

More information and registration.


Fr 14th August 2015

International glass festival Luxembourg:

From August 20th trough August 23rd 2015. Atelier d'Art du Verre, Maison 180, 9940 Asselborn. 35 International artists: JanHein van Stiphout, Maare Saare, Edward Leibovitz a.o.


Fr 23rd January 2015

International glass workshops on Aruba:

From March 28th trough April 12th 2015. Download and read our information flyer.

Open and download the informationflyer here.

Glass 4x4

News 2014

We 28th May 2014

The program for the STIPGLAS Summer Classes 2014 is complete. The Summer Classes will start at wednesday 30st July 2014 and ends at Tuesday 19th August 2014.
Detailed information and registration.

Mo 10th March 2014

Workshop glass casting,

March 2014, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd.
Detailed information and registration.

Mo 10th March 2014

Want to practice and improve your glass blowing skills? New work days have been scheduled for independently working at the glory hole.
Schedule work days glass blowing.

Su 3rd November 2013

STIPGLAS has again Artista 0189 Clear 3 mm in stock.
Still there are also several colours of Artista in stock. But be quick to order coloured Artista, because SOLD OFF = SOLD OFF!

Fr 11th Octobre 2013

November 30 and December 1 2013 STIPGLAS has sceduled a two days workshop "Glass Fusing - basic skills".

More info or registration: products/stipclass/workshops

Fr 11th Octobre 2013

Till November 17 2013 the new glass museum Schloß Hadamar in Hadamar (G) presents the exhibition "1. Glaspreis der Stadt Hadamar 2013". JanHein is represented with a Landscape Impression of the series 2013.

More info:

Th 269th August 2013

For November STIPGLAS has sceduled a workshop "Glass Beadmaking".

More info or registration: products/stipclass/workshops

Fr 28th June 2013

Want to practice and improve your glass blowing skills? New work days have been scheduled for independently working at the glory hole.
Mail or call for alternative dates.
Schedule work days glass blowing.

Mo 24th June 2013

For those who are used to working with borosilicate glass rods or tubes. Now also available as glass sheets, thickness 3 mm.


Fr 7th June 2013

New to the STIPGLAS assortment: tubes of coloured borosilicate glass.

For more information and prices look at our order service: order service

Fr 26th April 2013

For June STIPGLAS has sceduled a workshop "Glass Beadmaking" and in October a new training "Working with borosilicate glass" will start.

More info or registration: products/stipclass/workshops

Tu 23rd April 2013

STIPGLAS has developed a skilful tool to make your (Mega) Minor Bench height adjustable. It makes your oxygen burner better usable for working with tube and assures a relaxed posture in general. EUR 12,50 incl VAT excl shipping

More info or order

Tu 2nd April 2013

For the rods which are sold by weight Stipglas uses the following discount:

Per kilo rods you get 1 % discount with a maximum of 10%.
You may mix per colour, per manufacturer and per COE. Minimum purchase is always 1 rod per colour.
Moretti and Lauscha rods are 1 meter in length, but they can be cut into 2 or 3 parts as you like.

Not in combination with other discounts!

Fr 22nd March 2013

New in the assortment.

Stipglas has extended its assortment coe 104 rods:
- Uroboros clear
- 12 CIM colours
- 17 new Moretti colours.

We 9th Januari 2013

Exhibition Jörg Hanowski at High Culture Gallery Maastricht.

Until 28th Februari 2013 Jörg Hanowski exhibits his neon-sculptures and other objects. Open on Saterdays and Sundays and after appointment.
More info: High Culture; neon sculptures.

Fr 4th Januari 2013

Workdays glass blowing.

New dates have been sceduled for the next trimester. For scedule, more information and registration see: STIP CLASS, others.

We 2nd Januari 2013

STIPGLAS wishes you a happy 2013!

Well begun is half done!
Within 4 weeks the STIPGLAS Winter Academy 2013 will start. For more information and registration see: Winter Academy 2013 program.