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Soda lime glass tubes coe 90

This offer still lasts:
machine-made clear, soda lime glass tubes coe 90 in just 1 size (length = 1,5 m.):
ø16 x 1.2mm € 2,00.
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Soda lime glass tubes coe90Offer

Bullseye - poeders en fritten

Clearance sale of compatible Bullseye powders/fritt. Minimum order per colour: 100 gram. Prices from € 4,50 per 100 gram incl. VAT. When you order 1 kg 5% discount; 3 kg 10% discount; 5 kg 15% discount and 10 kg 20% discount (mixture of colours/grain possible). Purchaising the entire stock of one colour: 10% discount.
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