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You’ll find information about STIPGLAS products under this heading.

Click on the STIPGLASS logo at the top to see a summary of all the glass products in the STIPGLAS catalog. STIPTOOL and STIPSTUFF give a summary of all tools and materials, respectively. These summaries are mostly organized by technique. You can expect to see further information on various products soon, either under this Product heading or as a download under the Information heading. STIPGLAS is a supplier to both individuals and businesses!

Under the STIPCLASS logo you’ll find information about our workshops / courses and, of course, about the STIPGLAS Winter and Summer Academies. And via the STIPWORK logo you get up-to-date information about all the art works coming out of our studio, subdivided into the autonomous art works of JanHein van Stiphout and commissioned pieces. For more information about JanHein’s autonomous art, visit his website:
naar boven