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STIPGLAS offers a wide assortment of flat glass for copper foil (Tiffany) and leaded glass technique.

Stipglas has no minimum purchasing requirements; it’s even possible to order a strip as small as 5 cm. But you do get a 10% discount if we don’t have to make a cut – whether that means taking an entire sheet or a remnant that happens to be in the rack!

We have the following in stock:

- Clear texture glass
- Bullseye, monochromatic and multicolor, (semi)transparent and opaque and compatible glass
- Desag Seinglas, smooth mouth-blown glass
- Kokomo, monochromatic and multicolor, transparent and opaque glass
- Laguna, colored cathedral glass
- Lamberts genuine antique, new antique and flashed
- Moldau, smooth transparent, still available in several colours
- Moretti, colored cathedral glass and opaque
- Opaline, flashed white on clear in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm
- Schott Artista, monochromatic transparent, Clearance sale; clear still available
- Spectrum Artique, Baroque, Opalescent (Wispy and (Semi)Translucent), Transparent smooth and Rough Rolled, Waterglass en System96
- Uroboros, monochromatic and multicolor, (semi)transparent and opaque and System96
- Wissmach monochromatic flat glass in the textures Corella, English Muffle, Mystic and Seville and multicolor transparent
- Zonnetjes glass, transparent in various colours

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